And the fall of Allen Iverson continues.

Earlier this year the judge in his divorce case called him a horrible parent. Now the ex-NBA baller is going to be in front of said judge again this week. This time because his ex wife is claiming that he owes $40,000 in child support.

Based on past history between Iverson and the judge, we don’t like the former 76er’s chances of getting away clean.

If you recall, we reported on Iverson’s divorce case last February, the judge didn’t hold back on his criticism of Iverson’ parenting skill … or lack thereof:

“He does not know how to manage the children” and he “has been a hindrance to their spiritual and emotional growth and development.”

Now TMZ is reporting that Iverson’s ex, Tawanna, has filed papers with the court saying that Iverson has failed to honor the child support agreement that was handed down back in January. The order stated that Iverson was to pay $8,000/month in support for their 5 kids. However, Tawanna claims Iverson has missed every payment he was supposed to make.

Allen and Tawanna are scheduled to be court this week. She’ll be demanding that Iverson come up with the funds and if not, Iverson may not be going home.

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