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Today is June 7th, a day that in some people’s minds should be declared a national musical holiday. Yes, as Prince fans worldwide know, it’s Prince‘s 55th birthday! Although the converted Jehovah’s Witness no longer celebrates his birthday, we’re willing to get the party started on his behalf. We LOVE Prince over here and we want all the fans who love him as well to hit this page and wish the man a very Happy Birthday.

And take a minute to vote on our Prince polls and to check out some of the content that Prince can’t restrict from the web (because he doesn’t own the footage.) This year, Billboard honored him with it’s Icon Award and it was well deserved. As arguably the most bootlegged artist of all time (he was bootlegged before technological advances made it super-easy to do so) he deserves to control his own work. Well, some folks thing he should give it away for free like other artists, but hell, he’s royalty. He can do what he wants.

Prince, we LOVE you and even if you don’t celebrate we want to wish you a very happy born day. We hope it’s as amazing and wonderful as you are. Hit the comments and send Prince your Happy Birthday wishes, vote on our Prince polls and check out his Billboard Music Awards performance  below.

Remembering Prince Through the Years
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9 thoughts on “Wish Prince a Happy Birthday!

  1. Dione on said:

    Happy You Day to the one and only Royal Badness himself I remember when you opened up for Rick James and all over music you created and the fact that you can play every instrument well is mind blowing.

  2. kathy mccloud on said:

    keep enjoying your life, you look great for your year’s. One day I am going to listen to your song me and my red corvette in my red corvette before cancer take me out, that is on my bucket list ;’ love

  3. yolandy davis on said:

    Prince u r The Greatest performers of all times may u continue to do what u have done over the years I have always loved u we geminis r a special breed that nobody ever forgets HAPPY HAPPY B DAY

  4. Cathy on said:

    Happy Birthday Prince… I love your music and you’re an amazing performer!!! May you be blessed with many more…

  5. Aloha PRINCE,
    May your day of birth be filled with nothing but love for you. Enjoy and keep on rocking my brother, and may I say …that age looks good on you… Much Love
    Ms. Micki Fine

  6. Catrina on said:

    ETERNAL PRINCE FAN! I AM A PRINCE FANATIC! First heard as a little kid and my cousin me it was a song called Lady Cab Driver. Of course I was much to young to understand but she was in love with him. And from that point on SO WAS I! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME PRINCE! YOUR FANS TRULY LOVE YOU AND YOUR MUSIC!

  7. Happy Birthday to my favorite artist of all time, PRINCE! I am honored to share this very same bornday as him, so it’s very special to me! I remember as a teen, having my bedroom walls plastered with Prince photos! Legend and Musical Genius! Love you, Prince!

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