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Dear Mr. Joyner:

It would be a sincere honor if you would grant a Christmas wish to a phenomenal, hardworking and caring woman named, Melissa Thomas.   We are her cadets at the university of Alabama at Birmingham army ROTC program.  She is like a momma to all of us and inspires us to keep our g.p.a. above 3.5.

A few of us have had some minor issues in our past and she will fight the courts to clear our names, so that we can serve our country proudly.  Commander Thomas had served 26 years in the military.  she is also now working tirelessly as the commander for the American vets post 25 and as a certified veteran service officer assisting veterans and their families with their claims for compensation and pensions.

Mr. Joyner, she is filing claims for the veterans by writing them out in long-hand and then going to the library to use the computer to complete them on the va forms.   She carries everything she needs in a cardboard box that has a pound of tape around it to keep it together.

It is our Christmas wish to ask for a computer and printer, so that she can accomplish helping the veterans under her care more efficiently.

Thank you, from her cadets and soldiers past and present

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