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Tacher Accused Of Sexual Manipulation

It’s frightening to know how some educators wield the power they have over students. A music teacher in the state of Washington used his power over a student to sexually manipulate her and is now being sued for it.

38-year-old Kevin Gausepohl is being sued for allegedly telling one of his 17-year-old students that she would become a better singer if she stripped completely nude and touched herself. Gausepohl more specifically told the young girl that her vocal range would greatly improve without any clothes restricting her. he’s also being accused of masturbating during one of the singing lessons.

The teacher was arrested for sexual manipulation in 2011 at Tacoma Community College. Gausepohl was charged with seven counts of communicating with a minor for immoral purposes. However, before the case could go to trail, Kevin Gausepohl struck a plea agreement where the charges would be dropped if he stayed out of trouble for a whole year. He kept himself out of trouble so the charges have been dropped, but seeing as though the victim and her family don’t believe justice has been served, they’re suing the former music teacher, the school, and the state of Washington for not doing enough to make sure the girl was safe.

The lawsuit is asking for an unspecified amount in damages. Despite the lawsuit and striking a plea deal, Kevin Gausepohl is firm in his stance that he didn’t commit any crime against the teenaged girl. His lawyer, Robert Perez, told a local news station, “[He] committed no crimes of any sort. He did nothing illegal. The charges were brought, in my opinion, erroneously.”


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