Shawty Lo seems to be a little unclear about why his Oxygen reality show was canceled earlier this year.

During a recent interview with Sister 2 Sister magazine, the “Dey Know” rapper said he believes the uproar was completely due to the show’s unappealing name — “All My Babies’ Mammas.”

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“I really feel like the name that Oxygen came up with, ‘All My Babies’ Mammas,’ was dumb from the beginning when I heard that name,” he said. “It was just the name of the reality show.”’

You may recall back in January, the network pulled the series — before it even aired! — due to a petition with over 40,000 signatures. Critics argued that shows like these add to the negative portrayal of African-American women on television. (PSA to Shawty Lo: it was a lot deeper than just a TV show title.)

Despite the setback, the rapper went on to say “a show don’t make my life or break my life. It is what it is.”

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