kordell stewart porsha stewart divorce

The divorce battle between Kordell Stewart and his estranged wife Porsha Stewart is just getting more complicated and messy.

We reported earlier that Kordell change the locks to their Georgia mansion, forcing the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star to move in with her mother. As a result, Porsha filed legal documents asking the judge to force Kordell to help her purchase a new home.

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Well, the former NFL baller didn’t seem to like that idea too much. According to TMZ, he shot back with court docs of his own, claiming  Porsha is spoiled and that her inability to purchase her own home is strictly based on her own “financial negligence.” He added that the reality star fails to pay her taxes and prefers to purchase “grooming and clothing items” instead of taking care of business — which is why, he claims, her former condo went into foreclosure.

Here’s how he said it all went down:

KS says he texted Porsha, telling her he was changing the locks DAYS before he pulled the trigger. He claimed it was for security purposes and added, “If and when you need to get in give me a heads up.”

He says he even told his lawyer to get a list from Porsha of everything she needed to gain access to the marital home and he’d be happy to cover it. He added that she could get her belongings whenever she needed.

Kordell went on to say that Mrs. Stewart is a celebrity who makes a good amount of money and this “locked out” story is just a way to “make herself more marketable in the media.”


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2 thoughts on “Kordell Stewart Says Porsha’s Dire Financial Problems Are Her Own Fault

  1. This is why women need to have/make/keep their own money. Never let a man convince you to “not work and let him take care of you. ” This has happen to too many women and this needs to stop! This is not about divorce, divorces happen all the time. This is about being able to financially move on/get out once the marriage is over!

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