Chris Brown


Okay, so last week, Chris Brown got into a little fender bender car accident with a lady in LA. When that happens it’s no biggie right? You just hop out of the car, review the damage, take a few cell phone shots and trade insurance info no big whoop…right? According to Chris Brown, wrong!

And all of this is stemming from Chris allegedly refusing to give the lady he hit his correct information at the scene of the accident. So, in other words, it could have been prevented.

TMZ is reporting that the LAPD are now investigating Brown and depending upon what they find, this could be considered a probation violation, which could ultimately send Chris to jail.

According to  TMZ, this is now a full-blown hit-and-run investigation because Chris Brown allegedly refused to give the driver he rear-ended his driver’s license number, as well as allegedly giving her incorrect or false insurance info.

TMZ is also reporting that Chris got stank with the woman when she tried to get his ID and information.

Since Chris is still on probation for the Rihanna situation, and one of the conditions of that probation is that he obey all laws, this could be a serious problem for him as a hit and run offense is no little matter. Since he didn’t want to give the lady all the information that he is required by law to give, he’s gotten himself into a tough position. His probation could be violated and Chris could go to prison for up to 4 years.

LAPD would like to speak with Chris …now.

[Editors Note] Calls to OJ were not returned


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3 thoughts on “Chris Brown’s Hit And Run Incident Could Send Him To Jail

  1. nothing on said:

    Where the hell do these kind of people drive at first of all he is way to famous to be driving on the open road alone so this story sounds like bullshit, secondly why would a high profiled superstar be required to give his own personal identification, it would be against his personal security to do so being that his identity must been safe gaurded, and last but not least why didnt she just give her information to him to pass to his agent and work it out that way

    • You actually believe that a celebrity has no responsibility to the law as everyone else because he is a celebrity? Are you insane? This guy is a women beating wanna be thug who thinks he is above the law and low adn behold, NO ONE IS. No matter how they sing or dance. People that beleive these fan starved ego idiots have rights above everyone else are the same idiots who allowed their kids to stay with Michael Jackson and now have kids with serious mental issues from what happened to them. You, nothing, are a fool. But you picked the correct name for yourself.

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