Jacque Reid goes “Inside Her Story” with Chelsea Fearce about overcoming the odds of homelessness to graduate high school with a 4.46 G.P.A. and entering college as a junior with a full scholarship! Just wow!

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3 thoughts on “Chelsea Fearce, Former Homeless Teen, Overcomes the Odds

  1. An Ode to Chelsea Fearce

    Homeless but not familyless
    Homeless but not hopeless
    Homeless but not lacking in resourcefulness
    Homeless but not less determined
    Homeless but not faithless
    Homeless but not less ambitious
    Homeless but not less focused
    Homeless but not decisionless
    Homeless but not loveless
    Homeless but not careless
    Homeless but not worthless
    Homeless but not goalless
    Homeless but not brainless
    Homeless but not tactless
    Homeless but not characterless
    Homeless but not manners less
    Homeless but not helpless or beyond help
    Homeless but not less of a person
    Homeless but neverless a valuable human being

  2. 543537Ah on said:

    So proud of our Former Titan!!! She is a testimony for so many of our other children out there to overcome there obstacles and come out victorious!!! (Sincerely
    , One of her Drew High School teachers)!!!

  3. Tami on said:

    Totally inspirational!
    She should be very proud.
    She could have used homelessness as an excuse (and it would have been understandable.), but didn’t.
    Sometimes kids are given all of the advantages in the world and don’t use them to their benefit. This story goes to show it’s not always about where you come from, or what you have. Everyone has an opportunity to make something out of their life.

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