Troubled actress Amanda Bynes went in hard on Rihanna over the weekend, tweeting – then quickly deleting, “@rihanna Chris brown beat you because you’re not pretty enough.”

By Monday, however, she was denying that she wrote the tweet, claiming someone “is always mocking up fake tweets.” She then added, glibly, “Rihanna and I met and I’m sure we’ll be in a music video together one day.”

Still, Bynes questioned Rihanna’s ability to escape the law when it comes to marijuana use, venting, “Why does Rihanna smoke weed and not get in trouble for it but I smoke tobacco and people think I’m on drugs?”

And despite her arrest Thursday for possession of marijuana and allegedly throwing a bong out her New York City apartment window, Amanda continues to claim she’s completely sober.

“There is never a drug or alcohol in my system! I’m sick of all the lies!” she tweeted. “I’m so offended but I am so educated that I know cops cannot illegally enter my apartment, sexually harass me, arrest me, take me to a MENTAL HOSPITAL, then lock me up for a crime I didn’t commit. I’m suing them all for this upsetting nightmare.”

“My lawyer knows I’m a model citizen who doesn’t partake in drugs,” she added. “He’s going to court this week to set the record straight again on my behalf. Thankfully I’m an educated multi-millionaire who knows better than to speak to perverted unjust cops without my lawyer.”

A New York Police Department public information officer told E! News that these claims are pending investigation by the NYPD Internal Affairs Bureau.

(Photos: Twitter/ PR)

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