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We’ve heard of abstinence before marriage but for the Crocker couple, they are still refraining from sexual relations two years after their wedding date.

Darla and Jon Crocker have been married for a little over two years, on top of that, they dated for 14-months prior where they abstained as well.

According to Lark News, Mr. and Mrs. Crocker plan on holding out on sex indefinitely and they say that they plan to hold-out indefinitely.

The couple explained that their relationship has not been strained over not having sex. Adding, that they lead normal lives otherwise working, spending time with friends etc.

The couple revealed that they kiss after dinner and sometimes get “bedroom thoughts” but they stand by their conviction.

Darla says she throws water on her face to cool down and Jon eats a raw potato to get out of the mood.

Eventually the couple will break their vow of abstinence but as of now there is no plan to do so.

But the couple wants people to know this is their decision, saying,”of course, we don’t lord it over any other couple who decides to have sex after marriage, but for us it’s about staying faithful to the abstinence message and the holiness involved with that.”

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