Commentator Jeff Johnson gives us a lesson on giving back and building up the people in our communities all from the stitching of Lebron’s unique sweater.

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One thought on “Lessons from Lebron’s Sweater

  1. Craig on said:

    I listened to Jeff’s commentary today and noted two issues. First, there is an HBCU in Southern California: Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science is an HBCU medical school. Second, it is interesting you suggest that Black people with money go out of their way to support black business, but not go out of their way to support black institutions? HBCU’s give/have given more back to the Black community then Black businesses in building that middle class and upper class of folks who established/will establsih those businesses, and those who will use those businesses. I think it is an understatement that it is in the interest of ALL black people to support HBCUs whether they attended one or not!! What do you think????

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