Jacque Reid goes “Inside Her Story” with Chirlane McCray, a former lesbian, about her husband, Bill de Blasso’s run for NYC mayor, their marriage and their kid’s reaction to their unique story.

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6 thoughts on “Chirlane McCray: Some People Are Gay, Straight or In-Between

  1. Yo! Whats up on said:

    So is she admitting that being gay is a choice. I wonder how much grieve she will be given over saying that. After all we are suppose to believe that you are born that way. That we don’t have choices in life. I guess every racist is born a racist so we must allow them a place in our society. Every child molester is born that way and so on.

    When will America stand up and say you are free to make what ever choice you choose but you have to be willing to live with the dicision you make.

    And I am very offened when they say that Gay is the new Black. We were discriminated because of the color of our skin. They made that choice. I think that it is just part of their sexual perverted sickness to want to push it in everyones faces and then rejoice is making us take it without being able to complain about it.

    • Sandra Smith on said:

      So, in other words, she’s “right” because you agree with her. Because there really isn’t anything else about her that lends extra credibility to her opinion. She’s not a behavioral scientist. She’s done no research on the matter. And if you want to claim she has credibility because she “was” gay, then what about the credibility of the millions of gays who don’t agree with her opinion? She’s an “expert” but they’re not?
      It’s amazing how some people will ferret out the opinions they like and then ignore everything else.

  2. Ashley J on said:

    She is one confused person…Sadly, chances are, she’s raising her children to be the same way. When you feed yourself the same crap over and over again, you become dilussional and actually start believing it!

  3. Tami on said:

    “Chirlane McCray: Some People Are Gay, Straight or In-Between” , in other words, some people do whatever they want to do when they want to do it, especially if they see others doing it.
    I can’t believe that she said kids today are cooler than her generation. Her generation is suppose to lead this generation, not be lead by it. She has not gained wisdom in her flip-flop.

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