TMZ is reporting that Wade Robson, the choreographer who now claims Michael Jackson molested him for 7 years, had a nervous breakdown in March, 2011 that released the memory.

Multiple sources close to the Robson family tell the website that Robson had anxiety that was building during most of 2010, and it exploded in March, 2011. He had a debilitating nervous breakdown that pushed him into complete seclusion and torpedoed his career.

After the breakdown, Robson was unable to work and fulfill his commitments, according to TMZ. He had a number of contracts that he ended up breaching, including his promise to write three songs. Our sources say he lost “a ton of money” and has earned almost nothing since.

Following the breakdown, Robson saw a psychotherapist for several weeks, and that’s all it took for the floodgates to open, reports TMZ. Robson then told his family Michael Jackson had molested him from ages 7 to 14.

Sources say shortly after Robson revealed his secret to friends and family he planned to file a lawsuit against Michael Jackson’s Estate.

8 thoughts on “Wade Robson: Breakdown Triggered MJ Molestation Memory

  1. Wade cheated with Britney. But Wade used to also work for Justin Timberlake in his group Nsync as well, the affair must have upset Justin who then after wrote the song ‘Cry me a river’. Is Wade finding this embarrassing?

  2. Amber3 on said:

    Wade is a liar. Tell us Wade, who is paying you to say this? This guy defended Jackson for 20 years including in court even under cross examine this guy held his own and Wade always talked great about MJ including a few months ago and celebrated MJ at the stable center and the MTV tribute and help Jermaine write a book celebrating MJ. Repress memory my @#$%, How can you repress something that is always brought up to you? NO, Wade is lying. MJ is dead and people are trying to pick his bones. SAD world. Rest in peace MJ. We love you! And we aint buying this nonsense no more.

  3. audra powell on said:

    I guess all that debt would trigger off a traumatic experience…..LIKE HAVINGING TO PAY IT!!!! What is wrong with these people?

  4. Wade you are a sad person, after MJ has died and now you want to sue his estate for something you suddenly remembered after you lost money and couldn’t fulfill your obligations now you like so many other would rather tarnish his reputation with his children, and mother so your sorry butt doesn’t have to go back to work you are truly not worth talking about and if we don’t acknowledge you, will you please go back under your rock.

  5. Tami on said:

    He has to make up for the money he lost during his “nervous breakdown” somehow, or have an excuse for losing it. It’s no telling who is getting ready to sue him, so why not sue the estate of a guy who is gone and can’t defend himself? He isn’t credible at all. If he does get money, the boys in the previous case should be able to sue him for the money they didn’t get.

    He’s got the fame bug!

    • Amber3 on said:

      I agree. The boy and his family in 2005 was a PURE conarts and it showed in court. MJ did not have no special treatment. The media,the DA was going after MJ and they found nothing. Even the DA bring that case to court was a waste of money. His own witnesses were proven liars on the stand under cross examine.

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