This is a little ironic because it’s during Teacher Appreciation Week, but at a Duncanville High School student criticized his teacher for being uninspiring during class, and she kicked him out.

The student, Jeff Bliss, went on his tired as he walked to the exit:

“If you would just get up and teach us instead of handing ‘em a packet yo, there’s kids in here that don’t learn like that,” Bliss told Mrs. Phung. “They need to learn face-to-face. You want kids to come to class? You want them to get excited? You gotta come in here, you gotta make ‘em excited. To change ‘em and make ‘em better, you gotta touch his freakin’ heart. You can’t expect a kid to change if all you do is just tell him.”

The teacher’s response: “Bye. You’re wasting my time.”

Bliss was actually a former dropout who now has an appetite for learning, fueled by lively discussions over lifeless worksheets. According to WFAA, he has not been punished for his actions. He doesn’t have any regrets.

I can completely agree with what he has said. I’ve had so many teachers who live and die by their textbooks. No appreciation is shown for anything else. You “learn” to pass quizzes and tests, only to forget things once it’s over. You just remember how boring that teacher was if you can remember his or her name at all. (Or maybe it’s just me?)

There are so many learning techniques and styles out there, I really think that some teachers believe that since they are the educators trying to teach us but they forget that everyone, no matter what age, has the capacity for learning.

So thank you to all of the teachers who make learning informative and truly enjoyable. You’re all appreciated.

What do you think about Bliss’ actions?

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