Score one for the women! Or at least women other than Nicki or Mariah. Apparently they are back at the catty foolishness at the judges table. Now, whether this is an effort on Idol’s part to get people to watch again, we’re not sure, but their season is coming to a close and it is May, which is sweeps, so anything is possible.

In case you forgot, this was how Nicki and Mariah started their stint on the show this season. Check it out!

They learned to at least tolerate one another after a rough start to the show, but now they are back to talking over one other and behaving like a couple of middle school girls. Not so good, take a look.

Thank goodness this season is over! Rumblings behind the scenes are saying that there is probably no way that both of these ladies will be back to judge the next season of American Idol. There have even been rumors that the show is in talks with J-Lo to bring her back for next season! How wild would that be?

Nicki took to Twitter earlier today to pick at Mariah. See some of her comments below;

It will be really good when this is all over and they can go back to pretending the other doesn’t exist! This was a bad pairing and we think A.I. knew it was going to be from the start. Good luck to all of them.

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