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Dear Tom,

My mom was the single mother of 3: my brother Kem and my little sister Martha, I am the middle kid. She worked for a law firm until she retired.

When we were little kids, she used to bring a boy or a girl home to stay with us and then, after a while, they would leave.  I used to worry about my toys but she taught me to share and care for those less fortunate.

Some would come in for a few weeks…some for a few months…the longest stayed for 4 years. She had very simple rules: no swearing, no stealing, no fighting, and no flirting with each other. We were all taught to respect each other and our elders, and to always do well in school.

All in all, she has cared for over 200 kids in over 30 years.  She did such a great job that she founded a non-profit called Foster Care Inc back in 1988. She believes in fulfilling the needs of children placed in out-of-home care and investing in their future through her website

Her spare time is spent reading, watching all of the C.S.I. shows and gardening her prize tomatoes and peppers in the backyard. She has always wanted to go and get pampered in a spa resort but she has never taken the time to getaway.


Patt McGee