This is Chris Paul from the TJMS running through the top stories in roughly sixty seconds with The Morning Minute.

An NBA big man has come out of the closet.  Jason Collins is now the first active athlete in a professional sport to admit to being gay.  And for all of you who believed that Jason Collins will now be the subject of jokes and ridicule you should know that he’s used to it.  He played last season for the Washington Wizards.

And it didn’t take long for another professional athlete to stick his foot in his mouth on the subject of homosexuality.  Right after Jason Collins came out Miami Dolphins receive Mike Wallace tweeted, “All these beautiful women out here and guys want to mess with other guys?  Shaking my head.”  After that homophobic tweet the Dolphins’ management got in his ass.  How ironic, Mike Wallace and the team apologized.  But you should probably refrain from anti gay comments when your team colors are turquoise and orange.

A black woman in Chicago named Alexes Keyes was arrested after she drove her car over her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend.  Now while police are calling that attempted murder I know a lot of you ladies out there are calling it living the dream.

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2 thoughts on “Woman Runs Over Ex-Boyfriend’s New Girlfriend MORNING MINUTE

  1. I am not sure how you deem being in prison is living the dream???? I thank God that causing harm is NOT living the dream in my dot of the world. What dream is realized by being a slave in the prison industrial complex (lining the coffers of the wicked) for a man who no longer wants you and is now with another woman/women. When will we learn if he doesn’t want us, move on? No man cannot be worth going to this so-called dream prison. This is one I do not understand, nor will I hope to ever understand. You cannot make people love you – period and if they don’t, keep it moving, be thankful, write them a thank you note, but for God’s sake, do NOT attempt to hurt, harm, maim or kill someone over it, at the end of the day you lose, you are locked up and he is still romancing others. Kinda makes you understand why he left you and didn’t want you. I know we females can get messed up over love, lust or whatever it is, but honey, go jogging, eat a pint of ice cream, scream, cry, but do not run over anyone – geez!

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