Barry Browner, a Georgia teacher and coach has been fired over his involvement in a Harlem Shake video.

Despite the firing, Browner is in good spirits, tweeting:

“I think I will be ok…. I’m well versed EDUCATED and dont Stutter…..”

Adding, “Crazy 24 hours…….just glad I got real friends and family. …:-):-):-).”

Browner was initially suspended for the video but he was later fired because the school deemed it inappropriate. (Watch the full report above)

Do you think he deserved to be fired? Let us know in the comment section below.

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9 thoughts on “Teacher Fired after Involvement in Harlem Shake Video (VIDEO)

  1. Mr. Barry Browner that was not the school for you. I am sure you will find another position at a better school and your previous school will regret this knee jerk reaction to something so petty. As bad as we need male teachers in the classroom we hear about a system dismissing what is probably a great teacher over this petty crap but will keep a teacher that’s been suspected of inappropriate relationships with the students. SMH

  2. A teacher sharing a bit of fun with his students should be commended not fired. The CEO of my international company, participated in our Harlem Shake video. It was a great morale boost. I would say the only things the kids should not have done was dance on the desk – other than that – really??? Fired teacher – ain’t nobody got time for that!!!

  3. E. Fuller III on said:

    I bet this teacher has a better rapport with this classroom and can get through to the “troubled teens” in the videos that most other teachers. That is the problem these days….adults/educators do not try to bridge the gap and connect with the kids of today. I don’t see anything wrong, and don’t think he should have been disciplined. Weigh the pros and cons and balance them…..wait…….what are the cons???

    • Heavenly on said:

      Browner was fighting a staff member. This is how the youtube video became a problem.I would like to know,why terminate him because of a video when you can terminate him for fighting.

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