In the midst of her reborn career, Fantasia has said bye bye to  her palatial home.

For whatever reason the the former “American Idol” winner, who’s back on the charts in a big way with her new album “Side Effects of You,” didn’t get any offers for her North Carolina mansion (pictured below).

At this point, according to TMZ, Fantasia did the sensible thing and signed it over to the bank. And from a bottom line point of view it makes sense. Also, based on what we’re seeing from Fantasia’s new attitude, she not holding on to the past anymore.


As has been documented, the house has been nothing but trouble for Barrino anyway. In 2009, she just missed getting foreclosed on by coming up with a payment at the last hour.  A year ago in April her big ol’ house was put up for sale with an asking price of $800,000 which was $500,000 less than what she paid, but still nobody stepped up to buy it.

Then in February, Fantasia made the decision to cut her losses and transferred the deed to US Bank. End of story.

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