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CHARLESTON, SC- 27-year-old  Amanda Cantwell has been charged with criminal domestic violence after attacking her 33-year-old boyfriend  for withholding sex.

According to Live5News, Cantwell’s boyfriend called the police after she reportedly slapped him on the head, jumped on his back and put her fingers in his mouth and clawed the inside of his cheeks after becoming extremely upset when he refused to have sex with her.

Responding police officers say they detained Cantwell after seeing her run from their apartment. Officers say they observed fresh scratches and blood inside the victim’s mouth, but Cantwell is the one claiming victim.

Cantwell told police she and the victim had been drinking at home all day when they got into a verbal dispute. According to Cantwell, her boyfriend began to choke her; she then defended herself by scratching him in the mouth.

A police report states that an officer did not see any marks or redness on Cantwell’s neck. Cantwell remains behind bars.

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