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A fight erupted between a student and a math teacher at a Stockton, Calif. high school.

In the cell phone footage, the teacher is seen confiscating the student’s make-up before a shoving match ensues which leads to the duo being pulled off of each other.

The student, 15-year-old Martina Martinez, admits that she should not have physically confronted the teacher.

Martinez was subsequently arrested and the teacher was placed on paid administrative leave.

No word yet if the student will be expelled.

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19 thoughts on “Student-Teacher Fight Caught on Video (Watch)

  1. Mac Ben on said:

    Again, the teacher is left to deal with the shoddy work of shitty parents…; I don’t know why good people would ever consider working in the public school system.

  2. great, piece of crap parents/grandparents raising another piece of crap kid, the teacher should get hazard pay having to deal with that.

    wonder what this piece of crap kid is going to do when her boss tells her what to do at her job? haha, like she will ever keep a job.

  3. L. Williams on said:

    I had a chance to watch the entire video. I wanted to get a clear picture of who the true aggressor was.. and it is clear that this student jumped to the news media to try to make herself look like she was the victim. But she provoked the entire situation. She didn’t talk about how she cursed and threatened the teacher several times, by clearly stating “If you don’t give me back my stuff, I’m going to hit you. Give me back my F***CKING Stuff!” Oh.. she and the news report also left out the fact that she pushed the teacher several times, and put her hand in her face, while cursing at her. At one point in the video the teacher was standing in front of the young lady with her hands down in front of her (in a non-aggressive manner), instructing the student to have a seat, but the student refused while continuing to use profanity and threaten the teacher. Now, that this teacher had to make an example out of her, she wants to shout about what the teacher did to her. What young people need to understand is that when your child steps out of their role, and put themselves in the same role as an adult, then you tie an adult’s hands with how to continue to deal with like a child. There used to be a level of order to a situation in households. When a child ran into a situation with an adult, you took that concern home, and you parent addressed the adult. But when children think that they are on the same level as an adult, there will always be chaos.

  4. IMO, the student got what she deserved. No, I don’t believe in using violence to solve issues. However, this CHILD got in a grown woman’s face. There was no walking away from that. And yes, if it was my daughter, my response would be, “That’s what you get for trying to be grown.” Children must be corrected or they will take that foolishness into the real world and the real world will beat their behinds.

  5. The student was clearly antagonizing and threatening to the teacher. Everyone has the right to defend themselves. There is no exception to that rule because you are a teacher. Give that teacher a raise.

  6. most students have no respect of authority and THIS IS ONE OF THOSE STUDENTS! she got what she deserved … A SMACK DOWN!

  7. Oh this child really would have gotting “annointed” more than once. And here is her ignorant mother and grandmother. For one thing she is at school to learn not being on the phone and putting make-up on. What was she planning to do that was more important then getting an education. And they are the first ones that complaining about the U.S. and being in this country.

  8. Unque43 on said:

    The student is cledarly pushing the teacher first she pushes her with her chest, The mother should have told her while she was on the phone to let the teacher keep the makeup and she would take care of it later.

  9. Parents like the ones on this video is the #1 problem with children these days! They have the nerve to go on national TV and talk about what the teacher should have done, all the while we see first hand that they are raising a disrespectful, spoiled, and aggressive child. How about instead of telling the teacher to push a button instead of getting in this child’s ass when she threatens her, tell the child to sit her butt down and do some school work? How about they punish her and take away any ounce of makeup that she thought she had? How about they take her cellphone indefinitely, since she wants to call home and tell on the teacher after SHE breaks school rules?

    I think the teacher was justified in pushing the child (if she did). “Look lil girl, give me three feet! Why are you behind my desk?” Prime example of punks run up and get beat down. Train your children and you don’t have to worry about someone else doing it. If I were this parent, this child would be waiting on a second whooping when she got home. People need to get their minds right!

    • Very well said Nayberry. Showing off for her class. Got her cell phone and make-up on the ready, obviously math wasn’t at the top of her list.

    • So, so true. These kids are out of control and so disrespectful. They really need to bring back being paddled by the teacher to these schools, better still, how about some old Testament stoning. I could never ever be a teacher in this day and age. There isn’t enough money in the world to pay me to be a teacher.

  10. Denyale on said:

    The student CLEARLY invades the personal space of the teacher first. The second time she does it the teacher pushes her and then it was on. I’d like to read the school policy, the one the student mentions. And if she knows the policy so well, why the hell did she have makeup out in the middle of class?

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