There’s a certain confidence that radiates when Avant sings. It could have something to do with the way women react when he hits his falsetto or how his voice rides the  beat like a surfer cruising the waves.

Avant first appeared on the music scene with his summer anthem “Separated,” that peaked at number one on the R&B charts. He kept us interested with hits “My First Love” and set the bedroom ablaze with “Making Good Love.”

Now, after a short hiatus, the man behind the pen and vocals, is back with a new project–“Face The Music” and tapped old friend “Keke Wyatt” for the return! Avant performed his latest single “You & I” at out Interludes studio, sending every lady in the audience into a worked up frenzy. (Yes. He’s that good). Just in case you thought R&B is dead, Avant is here to remind you–he still got it!

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