Meeting your significant other’s parents ranks right up there with public speaking and a route canal – both are painful and you can’t wait to get it over with.  In Tyler Perry’s “Peeples” Wade Walker (Craig Robinson) is ready to propose to his lady love Grace (Kerry Washington)  but won’t pop the question without meeting the rest of her family who he jokingly refers to as “the chocolate Kennedys.”

When Grace travels to Sag Harbor to attend a family event, Wade decides to tag along and show up unannounced.  When he meets the intimidating Virgil Peeples and the rest of the Peeples clan, Wade learns some surprising facts about his fiancee-to-be and wonders if he will ever fit in with this peculiar band of misfits.

We’ve listed five reasons to check out this fun and raunchy family affair:

Kerry Washington

While Kerry is the undisputed queen of prime time  with  “Scandal”,  audiences will be happy to see her to see her take a more comedic route as Grace Peeples.  Kerry shows off a funnier, laid back and sometimes goofy side which is a welcome change from the heart pounding, high tension drama that surrounds the world of Olivia Pope. And honestly the world needs more of Kerry’s thousand watt smile lighting up the screen.

Keep it in the Closet

In “Peeples” a certain family member harbors a secret about their sexual preference and is reluctant to out themselves to their loved ones.  Most black family dramas and sitcoms are glaringly absent of gay and lesbian characters, but writer/director Tina Chism Gordon handles the subject with great humor, upending the stereotype that all  African-Americans are closed-minded homophobes.

Peeples Dinner

Black Excellence

In “Peeples” Grace’s family is an affluent member of the Sag Harbor community. While the Peeples are far from perfect, they wear their upper class status with ease.   While the media would have you believe the only way black people can acquire wealth is to sing and dance or dribble a ball, it’s refreshing to see a family who’s success is founded on education and good old book smarts.

Tyler Perry is paying it forward

With 13 films under his belt and a solidified relationship with Lionsgate Studios, Perry is now using his power to help other aspiring filmmakers with his production company 34th Street Films.  “Peeples” is the first feature film for writer/director Tina Chism Gordon, and if the movie banks at the office, could open the door for others to join Perry’s growing film empire.

There’s no school like the old school

When your granddaughter  is “it” girl Kerry Washington, it’s time to call in the Hollywood old guard. Diahann Carroll and Melvin Van Peeples make a brief but hilarious cameo as Grace’s grandparents, adding to the dysfunction and hilarity that is the Peeples family.

“PEEPLES” opens nationwide May 10th

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