Yes, NeNe and Gregg Leakes are in love again, about to get re-married, but now the relationship is being tested because the reality star made it very clear that she wants a pre-nup.

According to an insider, the “very rich” woman is getting a prenuptial agreement because, as she’s indicated several times, she’s got that money and doesn’t want any man taking over her fortune. Besides that, she’s gotten a hefty raise for the new season of “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Just in case you wanted to know, she’ll be making $1M, not including bonuses. So of course a woman’s got to have her fail-proof plan.

“If it doesn’t work out she wants him to walk away only with what he’s bringing into it,” a source close to the family told “She says she earned what she’s got by her­self, and is demanding Gregg sign a prenup or there won’t be a wedding.”

In the meantime, the planning continues. Cynthia Bailey will be in the wedding, along with Laura Govan as bridesmaids.

NeNe recently announced her bridal party via Twitter:

6 thoughts on “NeNe Leakes Says No Prenup, No Wedding

  1. It’s funny that she became a “Housewife” because of the wealth HE had amassed via real estate until the market took a downturn. She got other opportunities while on the show. He gets no credit. He took care of her, their child, and HER son from another relationship. What was her talent? What was her source of income? Some women want to believe that cheating is the end all and be all. They would never admit that a lot had to go wrong before that happened. Certainly, it’s wrong and a bretrayal of trust. But women commit a lot of acts in a relationship that would be defined as lies, deceit, and betrayal, though not cheating. Anything or anyone you put before your spouse is cheating. I digress, NOW she is so self-righteous and has to protect what SHE has built on her own. Gimme a break! Obviously she cares for him, but why place conditions on the marriage now when he didn’t do it to her? She has gone hollywood for real. Before hollywood it was me-n-you, ride or die Greg! Now it’s what’s mine is mine. Greg don’t marry her.!

  2. When he asked her to marry him the first time around, he made all the money, did he demand she sign a pre-nup or else? Now that they’ve apparently worked out their differences (or not), she’s demanding he sign a pre-nup. Really? So the foundation of the marriage is solely based on money and not love? WOW! I agree with Gerald Smith … If you have to have a pre-nup, you do not need to marry that person, you’re telling the individual what’s more important, and if it’s $$ and not the one you love, what’s the point?

    • You have to look at the fact that he cheated on her, she really started to blow up financially, and THEN “he came to his senses”. Prenup for sure! She doesn’t want to get played twice by his supperannuated behind.

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