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Yes, NeNe and Gregg Leakes are in love again, about to get re-married, but now the relationship is being tested because the reality star made it very clear that she wants a pre-nup.

According to an insider, the “very rich” woman is getting a prenuptial agreement because, as she’s indicated several times, she’s got that money and doesn’t want any man taking over her fortune. Besides that, she’s gotten a hefty raise for the new season of “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Just in case you wanted to know, she’ll be making $1M, not including bonuses. So of course a woman’s got to have her fail-proof plan.

“If it doesn’t work out she wants him to walk away only with what he’s bringing into it,” a source close to the family told “She says she earned what she’s got by her­self, and is demanding Gregg sign a prenup or there won’t be a wedding.”

In the meantime, the planning continues. Cynthia Bailey will be in the wedding, along with Laura Govan as bridesmaids.

NeNe recently announced her bridal party via Twitter:

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