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Welp, it appears that Mrs. Carter may have gotten a tap to the face in this video that is now circulating all over the internets! Now, does this all really matters in the long run? We think we will leave that up to you, the viewers and fans to decide. But it does appear that someone reached out and got a piece of the side of Bey’s face. Take a look at the video of said incident below!

Honestly speaking, it seems as though a fan just got excited and wanted to touch her, and get a souvenir perhaps by pulling on that hair! Others are saying that someone didn’t like her and that she’s had it coming for a long time now! Ouch!

But Bey’s stans are getting wind of this story and they definitely see it as blatant disrespect for their queen! We can just about see them shutting down as they start booking their flights over to Serbia to get to the bottom of this incident!

But again, we’ll let you be the judge! Do you think it was a flagrant foul put upon the former single lady? Was it really her Destiny? Or are all these people making a big ol deal out of nothing? Take the poll and hit the comments section and have your say!

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