I will shamefully admit that it was quite comforting to learn that my favorite YouTube Natural Hair Vlogger, Taren Guy, didn’t always love her hair. I was a little excited when she confessed that she had bad hair days just like the rest of us, and fought that painful hair struggle on days when the humidity isn’t on our side. I know that’s kinda bad to say, but it’s pure honest. I’ve watched her videos for the past year and thought to myself what an amazing set of tresses she had.

But what you don’t always get to see is the very beginning of someone’s natural hair journey. You know that big chop gone real wrong, or in Taren’s case, a natural hair day flopped with frizz. Because she’s just amazing at what she does and has spent the past few years perfecting her curls, I had to pick her brain and find out what she recommends as the best products for #TeamNatural.

Check out what she uses to maintain that oh-so-fab fro of hers.

Originally seen on HelloBeautiful.com 


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