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Before Bravo premiered “Married to Medicine” in March, a group of medical students from Howard University created a petition on, urging the network to cancel the series. According to the compliant, Bravo’s latest wives show will “leave the stain of unprofessionalism and cattiness on the image of Black female doctors for years to come.”

Well, judging by the ugly cat fight on this past Sunday’s episode, perhaps these students had a valid point. Two of the show’s stars, Mariah Huq and Toya Bush-Harris, engaged in a messy brawl that looked more like a “Love and Hip-Hop” episode than a reality show about sophisticated doctors and doctor’s wives.

In the petition, the students argue that the show will “hinder black female physicians from attaining competitive residencies” and it will highly affect “the public’s view on the character of all future and current African American female doctors.”

Mariah has since gone on to apologize for her actions but it’s too late. This doesn’t change the stereotype she’s now placed on herself, the other professional women on the show and those to come after her.

“I felt as if I truly let myself, my family, and friends down. How does a grown educated business woman/mother/wife get into a tussle at a black-tie event? How did I allow a negative girl, with no morals, values, or boundaries bring me down to her level?” she wrote on her Bravo blog. “In that moment I was truly hurt and full of despair. Astonished by the lengths people will go to become more relevant.”

The petition, which launched in February, only received about 2,700 supporters; clearly not enough for the network to pull the show before its premiere.

Do you feel the women of “Married to Medicine” crossed the line? Do you think their actions will affect the way Black women are perceived in the medical field?

Check out the footage then weigh in below.

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