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Kandi Burruss might be competing with Beyonce for the title of the hardest working woman in show business. The star of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” is also a Grammy-winning songwriter, a radio host, a sex toy entrepreneur, a mother, a fiancee and the host of her own Bravo spinoff show “The Kandi Factory.” The second season of “The Kandi Factory” airs tonight at 9 p.m. Burruss quest for media domination gives aspiring singers the chance to win a record contract by singing Burruss’ original songs. Can you sing “Ching, Ching?” In eight episodes, Burruss will train develop each singer in a five-day period to see whose talent rises to the top. She talked to the Tom Joyner Morning Show this morning about her new project.

SKIP CHEATHAM: Kandi is in the building. What’s up Kandi?

KANDI BURRUSS: What’s up? Good morning.

Skip: Good morning! How you doin’?

Kandi: I’m great. I’m excited today.

Skip: Big boss lady. I see you doing so much. First of all, let me say congratulations to “The Kandi Factory,” the new show premieres tonight. Can’t wait for that.

Kandi: Thank you. I need everybody’s support today. 10 p.m. on Bravo. I’m nervous. (Laughs).

LONI LOVE: Why you nervous? Kandi, do you remember when we did the cooking show? Remember? Let me tell you something Skip, we did this cooking show for TV One, and they were trying to cook some greens and Kandi wasn’t feeling it. She wasn’t even eating the greens.

Kandi: Because they burned them up.


Skip: Scorched greens, ain’t nothing worse than that.

Loni: Tell us about the new show “The Kandi Factory” coming on tonight.

Kandi: Well, “The Kandi Factory” is a show where I give people a chance who want to be artists, I give them the chance to go in there and do their thing and show their stuff to the world. I give them all original songs. I write new songs for every artist on the show. Each week, we got two new people. You’ve got to go through the artist development process – learn the song, record the song, learn the show, change their image and perform in front of a live audience all within five days. So each week you see the whole transformation on one episode where it would take some people a year to do.

Skip: That’s it, right there.

Loni: How many episodes?

Kandi: It’s eight episodes.

Loni: Wow.

Kandi: Tonight is the first. I’m on the edge of my seat. I hope everyone supports it and watches tonight.

Skip: You know we gonna be in there. I just want to ask you this – have you ever wanted to slap the stew out of one of the other housewives? Did you ever do it and they just didn’t catch it on camera?

Kandi: No.

Skip: Little sweet Kandi, but I know you. You got that other side of you. You got that hood in you.

Kandi: Well, I’m sure all of us have a little bit of that. Thank goodness, it hasn’t had to come to that at all. There have been moments where I’ve gotten close but no.

Loni: For the show, are you just doing R&B or pop?

Kandi: On, no we do every genre of music. I mean today’s episode it will be a pop artist and a dance music artist. We got rap artists, rock music, pop music, R&B and dance. The list goes on. We try to touch everything.

Skip: That’s going to be great. The Kandi Factory tonight on Bravo. Okay, real quick. Kenya Moore – is she crazy for real or is she just acting like that for TV?

Kandi: I think she turns it up for TV.

Skip: My “King” magazine. I don’t even watch that no more. She crazy.

Loni: The Kandi Factory comes on tonight at – what time again?

Kandi: 10 p.m.