Black America Web Featured Video

Finding lead black actors and actresses or full black casts on TV these days is a hard task unless you are watching “Scandal” or the few channels dedicated to a black audience. In response to the far and wide opportunities on TV and the overcrowded/undervalued audition rooms filled with hopeful black actors; notable and rising black stars are creating their own lane on YouTube.

Here are five must-watch black YouTube web-series that will provide you with your fix for television that casts black talent and deals with issues that we want to hear about. Some will make you laugh, cry, feel inspired or downright squirm but they are definitely something to see.


This comedy-based channel features Bresha Webb “Love That Girl”, Jameel Saleem “Exit Strategy” and  Tatyana Ali. Combining satire, funny jokes and a talented cast; this channel provides the laughs including a series that mocks the things Tameka “Tiny” Cottle says and the very funny show “This My Show” which satires reality TV.


From the creator of “The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl”, this channel features a wide array of mini-series dealing with love, cheating, interracial dating, and roommate conflict to name a few.

3. Black Folks Don’t

An interesting, introspective series that explores the various stereotypes that are placed on Black America.

4. The Unwritten Rules

Sort of a play on “Awkward Black Girl”, this web series follows the life of “Racy” played by Aasha Davis as she deals with being a single, black woman in the US.

5. Almost Home

Starring teen star Reagan Gomez “The Parent Hood”, this series follows two siblings as they move back home after the death of their parents.

If any of these caught your eye, don’t just watch them, subscribe to the channel on YouTube to show support for these actors and actresses!