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DAYTON — A Dayton man has been indicted on charges of child endangering, corporal punishment, after police said he beat his daughters.

Police said Greg Horn, 35,  is accused of whipping his daughters in the legs with a video cable that connected his TV to his DVD player.

The alleged abuse happened at Horn’s home on Fotip Lane.

According to the police report, one of the girls had visible welts on both  legs in the thigh area with open wounds.

The girls told police the beatings were their punishment for sneaking out of the house.

The indictment comes this first week of Child Abuse Awareness Month.

“The goal is to always keep kids safe,” said Kevin Lavoie from Montgomery County Children Services.

Abuse cases involving children are up. Children Services investigated more than 4,702 cases last year,  nearly 100 more cases than in 2011.

Lavoie said their hopes are to lower that number, and to urge people to report the abuse.

“We don’t  want people to have any reservations about calling 224- KIDS and letting us know about a circumstance or a concern.”

Lavoie said that when reporting abuse, you don’t have to give your  name or know for certain that abuse is actually happening.

“It may be nothing.  But rather than analyze it, let our specialists figure it  out and the best course of action.”

In the case of Greg Horn, detectives said the abuse happened when the girls were visiting their father, and their mother noticed the injuries and  called police.

Horn is scheduled to be in court April 16 for his arraignment  hearing.

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29 thoughts on “Father Who Beat Daughters for ‘Twerking’ Indicted on Corporal Punishment Charges

  1. ANGELA HARRIS on said:

    Which would you prefer a beating from your parents to teach you or the beating that police have for your ___ later for not learning?

  2. Jacquelynn on said:

    Spare the rod, spoil the child. I got plenty of whippings (with welts!) when I was growing up, and so did everybody else I knew. As long as the discipline is done in love, there is nothing wrong with it. Say what you want, but we were a generation of kids who grew up being respectful of those in authority as well as ourselves, and knowing how to conduct ourselves mannerably and like we had some sense – none of which you see in kids today – with few exceptions. All of the new age, wacky ideologies when it comes to child rearing have been a disaster for children as well as society. I can only thank my parents that they loved me enough to discipline me and cared what kind of individual they would be unleashing on the world. The discipline was no fun at the time, but looking back, I can appreciate it now. I raised my now adult children the same way, and they are respectful, educated, productive members of society who have in turn thanked me.

  3. That dude on said:

    i could only wish my kid did something like that well if i had one but sho my mom and dad taught me the rights and wrongs with a belt and im very happy they did because im not out here on the streets doing drugs fighting you know all that stupid stuff kids are doing now days face it the girls deserved it i wish i would have a fast tail daughter shaking her booty online heck no that wont happen id be just like my guy locked up “free gregory horn”

    • That’s right, TTAU–as they say in the Madea movie series. Beat their behinds for being so disrespectful. Let that Black man out of jail. At least he is raising his children right.

    • Interesting that you actually wish for an excuse to beat a child, says quite a bit about you and your so-called respectful values.

  4. asiami13 on said:

    That so called beating just might keep those girls off the pole some day. They can either get disciplined by their father now (at least their father is in their life and cares about their future), or they can get beat by their pimp some day in the future.

    • Seeing as how most prostitutes are child runaways from abusive, unhappy homes, this father is actually doing more to set them on the path towards that life. Beating your kids like this only teaches them to behave right in front you out of fear, it does not teach them to have respect for themselves and the world around them. Black parents beat their kids the most and yet our kids have the most problems in school and in life–the TTAO approach is not working, but keep telling yourselves that as our teenagers keep joining gangs and becoming some pimp’s trick, faster than any other racial demographic in the country.

  5. kelly on said:

    by commentator Emerald from clutch

    There are several major problems here, but one that really strikes me is that the issues behind the girls’ behavior is never addressed. You don’t solve a problem by suppressing it or beating it out of someone. You solve a problem by…well…solving it. The emotional and psychological needs of our young girls are too often overlooked. Promoting fear, humiliation and violence isn’t going to improve anything. I understand the father was upset, but you don’t teach your daughter to be a respectable woman by being the first man to beat her.

  6. There are many who have suffered at the lash of an extension cord. I have, by a step father. Those beatings don’t make you obedient. They make you feel worthless, unwanted, a problem and most of all unloved. Which truly leads to acting out behaviors. I cannot believe people are still picking up an extension cord to beat their child in 2013. The father is an abuser, what would it have taken for him to sit down with his daughters and explain to them the error of their ways? Oh My BAD the “Father” has his own errors to fix! SMH!

  7. Debbie on said:

    Sorry for the father to some degree. He could have used something else like a belt and not cut the skin. However I bet these girls will think twice before sneaking out or twerking around him again. As for the mother, her ass will pay when they start playing with her ass sneaking out and twerking.

    • Yeah. He could have used something else. Like his brain to figure out how to handle the problem with these children without violence. And you are so right. The mother is certainly going to pay if she doesn’t figure out how to deal with her hootichifed daughters in a civilized manner. Going crazy with a weapon is not going to solve this problem. Because I guarantee you that the sting from a belt is like labor pains. You forget how bad they are until you have another baby. Eventually the sting from the belt will not be effective. Then what? You gonna shoot em’? The violence needs to stop. Our children are not animals that need to be beat into submission.

    • the Timekeeper on said:

      Face it, a Father is in a now in situation no matter what. I am not judging him either way ( so many of you are so quick to do that already) however, if he didnt do anything and they went out in the street and id something, we all would be saying why he didnt try to stop them. Someone said why he didnt try talking to them. Well, how do you know he hasnt already tried that. And since no one has addressed these girls behaviour, I betcha this is what they will do again, cause’ calling the police is there out!

  8. Amazing. It’s not “uncomfortable” to watch young girls fanning around in ways that are totally inappropriate. Apparently that can be watched all day. But for a father to put a stop to it is criminal. Wake up and see the enemy at work on the family, our children, and our fathers. Who made the video and posted it? Rather than view it and share, why didn’t they instead, intervene? Does anybody see the foolishness that is beginning to run rampant in this world?

    • It’s the WAY the part time father tried to put a stop to it that’s criminal. If he were caught on camera beating an animal he would be arrested. What did he think was going to happen after he was seen going ballistic on two girls? No man should ever hit a female, unless in self defense. I wonder if he would be ok with their boyfriends or husbands whipping them when they act up? If he can’t figure this out, he should only be allowed supervised visitation.

      • Sean on said:

        What planet do you leave under? You comparing apples to oranges. The man was disciplining HIS kids! That’s why these kids are so Fked now because folks like you who have no kids know what’s best for the parents. If he didn’t do anything then you would’ve posted, “where’s the dad”?

        Put in time out and see how that helps when they become an adult in the real world.

      • joenate on said:

        I agree with you. Sean assumes you dont have children. Maybe he or she should be beaten for making ASSumptions. I have kids and I dont believe in corporal punishment. They are turning out fine. I raise mg kids, not an object.

  9. steve call on said:

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