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“Let’s save jail for the real criminals, these teachers and administrators are not criminals” Tom Joyner explains as he gives his opinion on what should happen to the 35 teachers and administrators who are embroiled in a teaching scandal in Atlanta.

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3 thoughts on “Let’s Save Jail for the Real Criminals TOM’S TAKE

  1. jaja on said:

    Tom that statement is what allows people of affluence to go without punishment creating an assumption that they are above the law. Those educators should not only go to jail pay the all monies back and not be allowed to teach ever again. Think of he children that are now trying to function and move on and can’t because of their actions. REALLY TOM REALLY!!???

  2. Tom you have got to be kidding!! What kind of example did these teachers show??!! None; except it’s ok to be dishonest. I really think they did it to pad their pockets with bonuses more so than to help kids. I think it is proper punishment

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