Kim Roxie proves you can do more with less. The founder of LAMIK Beauty (pronounced la-MEEK) began her journey into the world of cosmetics out of necessity. While attending Clark-Atlanta University, like many other broke college students, Roxie realized she needed a source of income.

“I was in college and couldn’t afford to be there. Then I heard they were hiring at the mall for make-up artists. I just went in and applied,” Roxie said.

While majoring in public relations, Roxie began doing make up at a kiosk then Sephora to perfect her craft. Roxie says her appreciation for make up most likely came from her mother.

“My mom was the type that didn’t leave the house without make up. She was that woman,” Roxie, said laughing.

At 21 years old and a senior in college, Roxie realized she hadn’t secured an internship and grew nervous about what she would do after graduation. While at home one day, she went through her make-up bag and a light bulb went off.

“You’re going to start a make up line, and it’s going to be called LAMIK. Love And Make-up In Kindness,” Roxie, recalls.

lamik beauty

From the beginning, Roxie new she wanted to change the perception of the cosmetic industry.

“The way make up is done in the industry is ‘I have to make her over’ Roxie says with defiance. “I cannot make you over. I cannot make you beautiful. My mantra is, beauty is revealed, not applied.”

Roxie believes well done make-up enhances a woman not makes a woman beautiful. She also hopes that with LAMIK, people will learn to take make up seriously.

“Make up isn’t just for dress up. Make up helps you look more professional. It helps you land that promotion and it helps you show your beauty on the outside.”

Established in 2004, LAMIK boasts a flagship store in Houston, TX and is sold in several Macy’s across the country. LAMIK is also an environmentally friendly cosmetic line. Most of the product comes packaged in recycled paper.

Roxie says her line has options for all women. But recommends everyone purchase the Celebrity Brow Kit because let Roxie tell it, “Your brow bone is your sex appeal.” The kit comes with an angel brush, brow powder and brightening cream.

“You must brush your brows in with the brow powder. Most people when they brush their brows in they use a pencil, Roxie said. “Death to the pencil! Powder always looks better and looks like hair. Even if you only have four eyebrows, use powder. After you brush them in, then highlight underneath the brow with the brightening cream.”

Roxie has learned a lot of lessons as a business leader and endured her share of ups and downs, but the biggest take away she’s learned is how to trust her instincts.

“I, like other people, have great ideas but I haven’t always had the faith to react or act on my own brilliance. I had to learn to trust myself.”

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