As much as Robin Thicke wants to be down, there are whispers the R&B singer no longer wants to be down with “Real Husbands of Hollywood” anymore. According to a gossip blog, Robin Thicke abruptly quit the show after making the cast and crew wait hours for him to show up to set.

Diary of a Hollywood Street King is reports the “Blurred Lines” singer no longer wants to be a cast member on the fake reality show sitcom because he feels it’s tarnishing his brand. He doesn’t believe he has the type of fans who watch BET. As you would expect, the executives over at BET are upset because Robin Thicke was looked at as the person who brought a little bit of crossover appeal to the show.

One of Diary of a Hollywood Street King’s sources said a member of Thicke’s camp called the set after Thicke had the television crew waiting for hours to say, “Keep the check because Robin is not doing the show anymore.”

We hope this is just a rumor because Robin Thicke is one of the best parts of the show. We’ll keep you guys updated on this rumor.


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11 thoughts on “Robin Thicke Quits ‘Real Husbands Of Hollywood’?

  1. Black folks kill mewith this Uncle Ruckus mentality. We think so less of ourselves. Self hatred is ignorance. Robin Thicke is getting the big head and his fan base is mostly black ppl. Seriously, why do black ppl crave, thirst and ingratiate ourselves for acceptance from whites. The show is funny and quirky. If you see any and everything black as ghetto or negative than you are the sickness that plagues black America.

  2. clear & to the point on said:

    Joey on you are so judgemental & old fashion! Why is it wrong to have a funny show to watch? Just because it’s not CNN it’s stupid?! Are is it because it’s kevin hart, & not Jim Carrey? Get a grip! We all have to laugh sometimes even you mr. stick up your butt joey! Lol

    • @clear and to the point, I really don’t care what you watch, and I do find things that make me laugh
      but just becuz you have jumped/ on the bandwagon does mean I have to the show has no, agenda
      its ignorant and should not be on Television. that is my opinion. so you do your thang!. and you can watch anything you want. But myself I don’t get into the hype of something so stupid and really not that funny.

  3. TRUTH BE TOLD on said:

    I watch the show b/c it is stupid funny. I love it! We watch everything else from Honey boo boo to RHOA and much more. So what’s the big deal…idk. I hope Robin stays. And what happened to Nelly? IJS

    • I don’t watch honey boo, I don’t watch hollywood husbands, Those shows are giving are children negative images, just because you watch them does not mean we all watch, I cannot stand honey boo. I don’t like kevin hart and robin thicke does not need that show he is already an accomplished
      writer producer, he does not need anything that stupid, to the point where it is not even funny,,
      please get a grip. the shows I watch are dateline NBC, every friday and if I cannot see it I Tevo it
      and I watch Iaynla fix my life. and I also watch the history channel, so everybody does not watch that silly mess. please give me a break.

    • rachel janice on said:

      Robin you have not had a hit record like in a minute the show was funny with you but will be funny without you

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  5. Okay we just gone say this is rumor cause the show is stupid because it’s supposed to be stupid (funny) and Robin is a great addition. And who does he think he fans are?

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  7. well im a little confused because last time i checked BET played a huge roll in making Robin Thicke as big as he is. And i disagree in saying that most of his fans absolutely watch BET. And im not sure if he realizes who his fan base actually is. I am a fan of Robin but until Real Husbands i hadn’t seen or heard from him really at all.

  8. i’m so glad robin thicke quit that stupid show, he is to classy to even go that low, Now kevin hart
    he is ready to get pocked in the butt ,, he loves it,,THis show is stupid and ignorant, and I hope these young men out here are not watching this show.

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