What do you get when comedian Mike Epps calls out comedian Kevin Hart on Twitter?

An uncomfortable blend of comedic gold and blatant homophobia.

After getting word that Hart allowed Shaquille O’Neal to “hump” him in the season finale of Real Husbands of Hollywood, Epps went in about how Hollywood attempts to emasculate Black men and accused Hart of selling out to make a buck.

Kevin Hart, Shaq

This has long been a criticism levied at Tinsel Town; but Hart, like Tyler Perry and Jamie Foxx, have no problem slipping on a bra and panties to simultaneously make fun of Black women and curry favor in Hollywood. Conversely, White men have often been known to dress like women for a laugh — Robin Williams and Adam Sandler to name a couple — but it doesn’t spark the same outcry.

Equally disturbing is that BET is a repeat offender when it comes to rape “humor,” as shown in this picture and in at least one episode of “The Game”.

But the Twitter beef didn’t stop at homophobic “jokes,” such as referring to Epps as a “bottom” and accusing him of having gay writers on RHOH — as if that’s an insult. Epps also said that if it weren’t for Katt Williams going through his issues, Kevin Hart wouldn’t exist.

Hart didn’t take the insults jokes lying down and what followed was a good old fashioned “joning” session. See some of the conversation below:

Reading over the above tweets, it’s difficult to know if you want to laugh or cry. There is obviously so much more than a few innocent laughs at play here.

Weigh in!

Originally seen on NewsOne.com 

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4 thoughts on “Mike Epps & Kevin Hart Exchange Insults In Twitter Comedy Beef

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  2. queenB on said:

    Both were funny, but the little man jokes were funnier…He checked goggle and it said not relevant…that was funny…Epps did not have jokes, he was more serious. Perhaps he had a point, but I was laughing so hard at Kevin’s response, I forgot the point of Epps comments.

  3. Serpentine on said:

    They’re both funny. If there is real hating between them, which I don’t believe there is, they both should get over themselves. Remember….IT’S JUST COMEDY!!!!

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