Just one week after losing custody of her two sons to NFL legend Deion Sanders, Pilar Sanders has also lost custody of the couple’s daughter, Shalomi, 9.

According to the NY Post:

NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders has won custody of his three kids in a nasty battle with his estranged wife, Pilar. Last week a Texas jury granted the former Dallas Cowboy player sole custody of his sons, Shilo 13, and Shedeur, 11, as well as primary custody of his daughter Shelomi, 9. A judge yesterday ruled that the children will live with Sanders and spend every other weekend, plus a few hours a week, with their mother. Pilar’s rep, Kali Bowyer told us of the ruling, “Unbelievable. Whose payroll is this judge on? Certainly not the taxpayers.” Deion’s lawyer, Rick Robertson, said last night of the decision: “This is exactly what everyone expected.” The Sanders are in the middle of a contentious divorce, and are battling over terms of a prenuptial agreement.

Pilar’s rep tells RumorFix “Pilar’s legal team was caught completely off guard. She found out as she was driving up to pick up her daughter at school today. The whole thing is unbelievable. She has been a stay at home mother all there children’s lives.”

The couple have been embroiled in one of the nastiest custody battles in recent years. I had a chance to speak exclusively with Pilar last year where she revealed the abuse she suffered at Deion’s hand and must admit I truly feel sorry for her.

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12 thoughts on “Pilar Sanders Loses Custody Of Daughter

  1. Exactly. She’s beautiful physically, but that doesn’t mean she’s not crazy. We are not victims, so sometimes things unpleasant happen to us that has nothing to do with being done wrong. She’ll bounce back if she’s been wronged.

  2. “I had a chance to speak exclusively with Pilar last year where she revealed the abuse she suffered at Deion’s hand and must admit I truly feel sorry for her.”

    That’s great neutral reporting. Judges just don’t take children away from their moms without cause.

      • Here we go…yeah hard to imagine there are some unfit mothers…..WOW!

        As usual ladySab knows the truth….

      • I never spoke on whether or not Pilar is a good or unfit mother. It’s not hard at all to imagine a mother being unfit. I have no idea what kind of mother she is. That’s why I didn’t comment on her abilities as a mother. What I SAID was judges will award custody of children to the spouse that pays. Judges do take bribes. And that IS the truth.

      • ttyme02 on said:

        LOL! My thought exactly. Yes, Deion has money but is he stable. I am sure that he is and will continue to run around chasing skirts which is probably the root of all of their problems anyway. I feel sorry for the kids but a PS4, some beats headsets and some cash will keep them pre-occupied.

    • I’ve also seen where mothers leave children for weeks at a time alone without food, allow them to be abused by a significant other, use drugs in front of them, take them to the strip club, etc. I am not saying that she has done these things. I don’t know their home situation, but I do know that we should not assume that the mother is always the most fit. He may be a fool as someone said earlier, I don’t know, but maybe he’s the lesser of two fools. Either way he has a long role to hoe because those children are going through a lot and will not help dealing with the stress and changes. God bless all parties.

      • NATTURNERFAN on said:

        Thanks for staying impartial. I am a non affinding father who lost everything to a drug addict wife. you should never talk about someone and call them names if you yourself is not in that perdicament with that family. Lets be honest and keep it real. Nobody knows the truth but her and him. So we should stay out of it!

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