“American Idol” judge and rapper Nicki Minaj gets a lot of flak for the whacky and wild wigs and weaves she wears.

Yesterday afternoon she wanted to let everyone know that although she is famous for her over-the-top hairstyles, underneath those styles is a head of long, healthy hair.

She tweeted, “#LongHairDontCare #HangTime #ImaWearItOutWhenItTouchesMyASS” along with the picture of her hair. (below)


Do you think Nicki Minaj should rock her natural hair? Do you prefer to wear natural or a wig/weave?

15 thoughts on “Nicki Minaj Reveals her Natural Hair (Photo)

  1. pamela turner on said:

    sorry but that same exact photo was on black girls with long hair web…Months ago. you mean to tell me she duplicated the exact picture? exact pose? exact blue shirt?

  2. mary poles on said:

    Its her choice how she wants her hair to look . There are a lot of nice wigs out there , that look really nice. She has the money to pay for the best.

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  4. I think people should stop referring to straightened or relaxed hair as ‘natural’. It may not be a weave or wig but if chemicals are used to alter her natural texture then it’s NOT ‘natural’. Aside from that it looks better than the crazy wigs and weaves.

  5. Wigs are better to protect her hair considering all the heat and stress that she has on her hair being a performer. The wigs and weaves add to her craft as being a performer. Rock your weaves Niki and possible wear your real hair from time to time.

  6. Debbie on said:

    I think she should wear her hair….I hate fake hair and wigs…I have never had either of them…Don’t do fake nails either…I like me!!!

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