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Dear Tom,

It will be 7 years ago in July that my husband passed away from a heart attack. Chris was just 21 years old at the time when he manned up and stepped in as the father figure for his 5 younger siblings.

Christopher went out and got a full-time job while attending school to help me with caring for them all. He does some odd jobs on the side like mowing lawns and painting houses but recently started working as a grill operator at the Waffle House.

Christopher is also a big brother to alot of the young men in the neighborhood. He plays the drums in the church band at Holy Spirit Ministries and is currently studying to become a policeman. He plays around with the kids making those sound effects like Bubba Smith did in those Police Academy movies.

He should be out of the Law Enforement Academy at the end of the year…I could go on and on about my child but I just want him to know that I appreciate him and all that he has done for his famIly.

I don’t know what he would do with the $1000 but I’m sure he would get himself something nice – after he spendS some of it on his little brothers.