It looks like George Clinton‘s estranged wife, doesn’t have a problem leaving George, but she wants to get paid.

Stephanie Clinton filed papers in a Florida court last week as part of her divorce battle with George. She’s asking the court to grant her both temporary and permanent alimony.

Only problem is, according to TMZ,  George doesn’t want to pay spousal support. He had previously claimed in divorce docs that they has been separated for many years, shared no bank accounts, and has no real property together. In case you’re wondering, they got hitched in 1990.

But in her documents, Stephanie denies George’s claims and has requested that his finances (taxes, bank accounts etc.) be submitted to the court to determine how much she’s entitled to after almost 23 years of matrimony.

A judge has yet to rule.

(Photo: EURweb)

One thought on “George Clinton’s Wife Not Willing to Walk Away Empty Handed

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