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Chicago Bulls MVP Derrick Rose allegedly offered to pay a portion of 6-month-old Jonylah Watkins’ funeral expenses. Jonylah was killed while getting her diaper changed by her father after bullets ripped through their car when they were parked.

According to the SunTimes, Rose is working with Leak and Sons Funeral Home.

“On Monday afternoon, Watkins was standing on the curb in the 6500 block of South Maryland, changing his daughter’s diaper on the front passenger seat of a minivan, when a gunman emerged unnoticed from a gangway behind him and opened fire. He and Jonylah were injured. She survived emergency surgery but died Tuesday morning.” -ChicagoSunTimes

I can’t quite wrap my brain around why the millionaire would pay only a portion of the baby’s funeral, instead of just fronting the entire bill, but I guess some is better than none!

Read more about the horrific death, here.

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10 thoughts on “Derrick Rose Offers To Pay Portion Of Slain 6-Month-Old’s Funeral

  1. BeBo, I agree with you. It cost me less than 10K to bury my infant child in 2003, and the bulk of that cost was for the burial site.

  2. Something is better than nothing however, if you’re going to put it out there to be recognized, then why not the ENTIRE BILL. Ijs

    • Debbie on said:

      Thank you for taking the words out of my mouth!!! He didn’t have to offer to pay anything….For the writer who made the statement, I hope you covered the rest….

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