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Dear Tom,

When my eleven year-old son Daniel is asked what he want to become when he grows up, he always says—“’an air force pilot.”    Since kindergarten, he has watched military shows on the history channel with his father.   Now, he can’t get enough of the film, “red tails” about the Tuskegee Airmen.

Daniel is a straight- A student who attends a middle school for children who excel in math and science.  he found out through school that the University of Georgia has a week-long, overnight aviation camp for children 12-17.  Campers who attend will explore the science and physics of flight, get lessons on the ground and practice flying using computerized flight simulation software under the guidance of real pilots.  He turns twelve in May and oh my goodness going to this camp is all he can talk about.

Unfortunately, sending a child to this camp is not cheap and right now with my husband being a full-time student and money very tight and one other child besides Daniel to raise, we just can’t afford it.  It is my Christmas wish to ask for your help to make a little boy who dreams of one day taking flight come true by sending him to aviation camp for a week this may.

Yours truly,

Daniel’s mom, Ayokah Holmes

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