It appears that while chatting with TMZ cameras outside of Katsuya in Hollywood last night, the one and only Mr. James Todd Smith was asked if he would ever consider playing Christopher Dorner the accused killer, if a movie about Dorner’s life is made. There has been speculation for weeks that the rapper/actor would be the perfect person to play Dorner in any bio pic because of the strong resemblance between the two.  However, check out what the one that “ladies love” had to say in response to that question in the clip below.

Interestingly enough a few weeks ago actor/comedian Anthony Anderson, who also favors Dorner a bit, was asked the same question by TMZ paps, take a look at his response.

Fascinating how people differ in opinion on this one. Well, whomever they get to do it, it’s pretty much a gimme that at some point in time there will be a roll up for grabs. It should be amusing to see if people change their minds, or stick with what they’ve already said once an actual role and money are offered up. Guess we’ll all just have to stay tuned.

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