Tom Joyner Morning Show commentator Jacque Reid went “Inside Her Story” with supermodel Naomi Campbell about her hit TV series “The Face”. However, the most interesting portion of the interview is when Reid asked Campbell about her opinion on the controversial French magazine Numéro’s  pictorial that used “blackface” on a white model to portray an African Queen.

Read Campbell’s response below:

Jacque Reid:  What do you think about this whole controversy with this white model posing as an African princess in this magazine and all the controversy?

Naomi Campbell:  Oh, well, I actually worked with Bethann Hardison, I worked with Bethann, she’s been like a mentor in my life.  And I can say that myself, Liya Kebede ,Joan Smalls, Jourdan Dunn, we’re extremely insulted by that whole pictorial.  We were not, we felt very much like why would you do that?  You know there are so many beautiful black girls in Paris, why would do that and why would you call it that, and give it that title. So to be quite honest it’s the first time I’m speaking about it, but you will be hearing more from all of us, all the names I’ve just mentioned because we feel that it’s time to speak out. (See photo below)


What do you think about the photo? Do you think Campbell is right to be upset over the photo spread? Let us know in the comment box below.

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3 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Naomi Campbell Insulted by French Magazine’s ‘Blackface’ Photos

  1. Cdavids on said:

    I agree it was disrespectful to the many models of African descendants. What was that person thinking? France’s racists beliefs are coming more to the surface. 1st they will not play all black casts movies in their theaters. Now this mess? Models, common folk and the business world–we all need to speak out on these racist actions.

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