So apparently last night February, 26, 2013, Dave Chappelle was on stage doing his thing at New York City’s Comedy Cellar, when who but Chris Rock jumped on stage and joined Dave for the rest of the show! According to, Chappelle and Rock riffed on everything from Prince to Kevin Hart to Jay – Z’s recent Obama fundraiser at the 40/40 Club.

Then they proceeded to call Arsenio Hall and Lenny Kravitz while on stage!  The two also allegedly sent texts to Jay – Z telling him they should link up for some “spaghetti” later on in the evening, to which Chappelle joked, ” If I had Jay-Z’s digits, all I’d ever do is text him about eating various delicious pastas at 1 a.m. My number would be blocked immediately.”

We don’t know if the whispers are accurate about the duo bringing a show tour of some sorts to a town near you soon, but we’re hoping the comedy Gods are smiling down and allowing it to be true! Maybe if a tour was successful someone would find a way to get the two to do a sketch show together for TV! Can you imagine? Well, one can dream!

*Note We put in a call to see if Prince was texted about meeting up for pancakes but our calls have yet to be returned.

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One thought on “What? Chappelle & Rock On Stage Together?

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