BROCKTON, Mass. (AP) — Police in Brockton, Mass., have asked state child welfare officials to investigate possible child abuse or neglect in the case of a 9-year-old who appears in sexually suggestive rap videos.

Police said Monday they haven’t filed criminal charges or arrested the father of fourth grader Luie Rivera Jr., who goes by the stage name Lil Poopy. A Department of Children and Families spokeswoman confirms that officials are investigating whether the boy is being properly cared for.

The videos show the boy slapping a woman’s buttocks, engaging in sexually suggestive dances and glorifying drug use and materialism.

Police started investigating after the local newspaper, The Enterprise, did a story on the boy.

The boy’s father, Luis Rivera, told the newspaper his son is acting and not doing anything wrong.

Watch video of Lil Poopy below. Do you think his lyrics cross the line?

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10 thoughts on “VIDEO: Mass. Boy’s Rap Videos Alert Child Welfare Officials

  1. This is soooo sad. Ignorant parenting is a dangerous thing. It’s too bad that the ability to procreate is not a positive indication of one’s parenting kills. The kid seems to be very bright and could probably learn things that will benefit him in life. I hope he is removed from this negative environment before it’s too late.

  2. charles mason on said:

    This father hasn’t done anything different than what Hollywood has done for ages. There are many violent and sexual oriented movies and TV shows that starred kids in them where the kids use profanity.. There is one highly rated TV show where it had a very young boy on it who grabbed the breast of the female star. There is this movie that starred a veteran black actor where it had a white female grab this boy and performed oral sex on him(acting). There are many movies out there that starred kids who are using profanity in them. Rap music and rap videos are no more violent and sexual than movies, TV shows, and commercials. Think of a lot of movies you have watched, and you will see that they are no different than rap music and rap videos. There’s a double standard when it comes to rappers and young black men. Maybe prosecutors need to look at hundreds of movie and TV shows that starred kids and to check and see was pornography involved. Many people that are criticizing rap music and videos are hypocrites…they can watch movies and TV shows that have the same contents in them as do rap music and rap videos.

  3. With all the other things that little child could be doing (school science projects, reading, math, boy scouts, community volunteering) but instead he’s memorizing rap songs and hanging out with some wanna be rappers who are PASS there prime! The should be instilling moral values and respect and it’s no place for 9-year old child to be slapping on a grown woman’s rear end on a social media site. Child Protective Services should investigate the entire house hold.

  4. Darnell Turner on said:

    With all that is going on with the youth in todays world. This is Very Sad, parents pray for your kids as I pray for mine, I hope it gets better for the future of our kids, Take some time to read to your little ones and turn off the TV and games. Keep positive images in front and around your child and they will want some thing better than the bling and nonesense. Take Care my People…………………

  5. Why do we allow these people to raise children?These people are DUMBING up our children! this is so sad and the worst thing is this is what we send to our public schools for someone else to try to teach.God help these children!

  6. GodBlessTrayvonsParents on said:

    Whose tiddy is that little brat gonna sign again? These ghetto bytches get on my nerves with their poor parenting skills, and I hope child services does investigate that triflin mama and or father for allowing that kid to be speaking lyrics beyond his years.

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