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Tom, Sybil and J. Anthony Brown couldn’t help but notice the awkward exchange between Beyoncé and Ellen DeGeneres during last night’s 2013 Grammy Awards. The crew says Ellen looked like she was unclothing Beyoncé with her eyes.

Tom and J. Anthony Brown do always say “same sex, same problems.” Do you agree Ellen’s wife gave her a long talking to on the way home? Or was it all in good fun?

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7 thoughts on “Awkward: Beyoncé and Ellen DeGeneres on Stage at the Grammys

  1. shellie on said:

    It was a lip synching joke. Ellen was looking to see if Bey was really speaking (which she new that she was) or lip synching. It was a joke that didn’t pull of very well.

  2. This is stupid. Where is Ellen awkward? She was trying to make Beyonce crack-up by staring at her while Beyonce was reading her lines. Did it when we were kids which is Ellens humor. You guys are odd.

  3. I saw none of that. Ellen was being her same old friendly self. Beyonce, as usual looked bored, as if she was doing everyone a favor by gracing them with her presence. And when she spoke to Ellen and said “not choo Ellen Deneres” instead of “not you”, it made me cringe. I am really tired of her and Joe Camel. Everything has it’s season. Theirs has passed.

    • Thomasa on said:

      I totally agree. I couldn’t tell if Beyoncé was just trying to concentrate on reading her lines or if she just didn’t want to be there.

    • I hear you. I am so over Beyonce she comes off as rude and a little cognitively challenged . She needs to sit her ass down and make way for the true talented singers out there.!!!!

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