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White and blue collar workers aren’t the only ones receiving unemployment.

Strippers in Kansas have the opportunity to collect unemployment benefits.

In 2005, a stripper in Topeka filed for unemployment claims after working at Club Orleans.

Club owners said they merely provide dancers with “rental space” to perform which allows them to earn tips.

Since the stripper abided by the club’s house rules such as charging a minimum rate for particular dances, the Kansas Supreme Court officials ordered the owners to give their former employee unemployment insurance.

Club Orleans’ attorney Michael Merriam believes the judgment was rendered “incorrectly.”

“The court relied almost entirely on the fact that we had some house rules which were requested by the dancers. They were designed to keep everything legal,” Merriam suggested. “And the court relied on that fact alone to say we had control over them and that made them employees.”

Although the club disagrees with the decision, they will not appeal it.

“This is the Kansas Supreme Court. This is where it ends,” Merriam said.