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Friday on the Tom Joyner morning show, D.L. Hughley a weekly contributor, offered his take on getting conservatives attention he said, “stop calling them gun deaths… call them really late, late term abortions.”

Read what else he had to say below.

And another school shooting in Atlanta, it’s just like it’s getting ridiculous.  It’s getting so bad Tom, pretty soon we’re going to need one of those clocks, you know, those clocks that you used to tell you how many people have died from smoking, or conservatives; how high the deficit is.  It’s just really sad.  And, you know, if we want to get conservatives to come along and get on board on, you know, with the gun, controlling gun deaths, then stop calling them gun deaths and call them really late, late, late term abortions  and they will, they will get in on it.  It is ridiculous how, well, you know, pretty soon we’re not going to need gun control because everybody is going to be shot.  It is, this is the craziest thing ever.  I wish that the gun control people could hear as good as they shoot.  Because every time there’s an argument; they’re trying to take our guns away.  Not one person has mentioned taking guns away.  Not one.  I just don’t need to know why you need 30 rounds.  What happened when our parents, this didn’t happen, when a .38 and a baseball bat?  Remember that?

They still can’t, it is, the reason they feel they need these weapons is not to protect their homes, it’s because they feel like one day they’re going to have to fight the government.  And, or they feel like one day they’re going to have to fight the police department.  And it is so hypocritical to watch a cat like Wayne Lapierre, you know, he’s against the background checks.  And he’s against closing gun loopholes.  When in 1979, May 27th of 1979, he testified the exact opposite in front of the Senate.  He said he was for universal background checks and closing all the loopholes.  Look it up.  So this is not about an ideological stance.  It is some kind of way connected to his money.  He wants money.  And we deserve what we get if we keep allowing so few to tell so many what to do.  It is ridiculous.

So at the, what is it?  Happy, Happy Black History Month, on the Super Bowl,  go 49ers.