An unidentified woman who was seeking a protective order against her 31-year-old ex-boyfriend, Rashad Greene, was attacked in court by Greene after court officials left Magistrate Tracey Stoner, the unidentified woman and the man alone in the court room.

In the video, you can see the woman and Greene engaged in a heated discussion when Greene suddenly jumps up and chases the woman around the desk before he was able to pin her down, punching her several times before you see an officer run in and break-up the beating with a taser gun.

On Tuesday the woman was granted the protective order against Greene after she was brought to a local hospital for bruises and a bump on her head.

Green was charged with domestic violence and contempt of court. The judge ordered him to serve 30 days for his court room attack.

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8 thoughts on “Woman Seeking Protective Order Attacked By Man in Courtroom (VIDEO)

  1. Of course she was left in the room unprotected, the court workers are not the ones in danger. If you watch the tape, even when other people came into the room, one man layed back while she was being beat. Any woman who has been in this situation, know what order of protections really are about – one of the hoops victims jump through as they spin their wheels. Remember this when you are judging someone else and wondering why someone just doesn’t leave.

  2. SCTravelRN on said:

    I wholeheartedly agree with every post below. This is some of the most absurd BS ever! There were reasons she went to the court for help… why would she be left unprotected in a confined room with him?!? Lady, get yourself a gun and be prepared to defend your life. Those 30 days he was given for contempt are only going to piss this monster off.

  3. Next time he will kill her. She needs to move very far away while he is doing his 30 days because as soon as he gets out, he’s going straight for her. He is deranged and the restraining order will mean nothing to him. He proved that in the courtroom. I hope someone is giving her this advice and that she takes it.

  4. 30 DAYS! Please. If he had that kind of nerve in the court room, do you think a protective order will stop him. I hope she gets herself a gun a busts a cap right in his ass if she ever sees that bastard again!

  5. He must stay a 1000 feet away from her??? Are you kidding me!!! Why isn’t he doing time for assault, or will they come later on? I do not understand how a woman is asking for a restraint, and there is no officer in the room with her in this court hearing. Things could have been much worse for this poor lady. Common must prevail when someone is asking for a “protective order”. A police officer (sheriff)should have been in the room.

  6. Now that she has the proof that she needs that he is a serious threat to her life, the next time he comes within shoot’in distance of her, she needs to eliminate him. A restraining order is worth less than the paper it’s written on. It’s only good for keeping a person out of jail when they have to keep some fool from killing them. If being right there inside a damn court couldn’t keep this ape from attacking this woman, 30 days in jail is not going to make a difference. He’s only going to be more pissed off than he was before the deputy shot those bolts through his ass. Only the next time, there will be no one there to pull him off her. Women have to understand that no one is going to save you from a beast that is hell bent on seeing you dead. The police are always minutes away when seconds count. Ladies, please listen. The first time a man assaults you, REPORT IT. That way you have proof. GET AWAY. That shows that you are not an enabler. And if he is still hell bent on harming you or your children, KILL HIM! Eliminate the threat before it eliminates you.

  7. Why would they leave them in the room together with out court officials is she is ther to get a restraining order. That was just “DUMB”

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