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Remember our story on NBA player Lorenzen Wright that we filed back in 2010 when he was shot to death and his decomposed body was found in the woods southeast of Memphis?

Well, Sherra Robinson Wright, who was at one point a suspect in the killing and whose divorce from Lorenzen was finalized only a few months before his death, received a $1 million life insurance settlement 14 months after his passing. According to the Memphis Commercial Appeal, it took her only 10 months to spend $973,000 of that.

Here’s how she spent the funds according to the Commercial Appeal:

• $32,000 for a Cadillac Escalade

• $26,000 for a Lexus

• $69,000 on furniture

• $11,750 for a New York trip

• $339,000 for purchase and improvement to a new home

• $7,100 for a pool deposit

• $5,000 for lawn equipment

• $34,000 on legal fees

Yes, it’s her money you could say, but as other family members contend, the proceeds were designated to support the couple’s six children.

The spending report, filed in September but only just now disclosed publicly, caused a judge to begin investigation of the living conditions of Wright’s children, writes Yahoo Sports. The judge also routed other money, the NBA’s $184,000 in death benefits, to Lorenzen Wright’s father Herb to benefit the children. Those assets are, at present, frozen.

However, Sherra Wright says the family remains financially sound, with $1.4 million in “assets on hand.” Much of that is tied up in the new house and three Arkansas investment properties.

But as you can imagine, there’s drama between Herb Wright and Sherra Wright, who “testified Lorenzen Wright distrusted his father and as a result removed his father from any control over his accounts and finances.”

At the time of his death, Wright was operating under a child support order requiring him to pay $16,650 a month in child support and another $10,000 a month in alimony, for a total of $319,000 a year. That plan was concocted in 2009, in what would be the last year of Wright’s NBA career. There was no amended plan filed after Wright left the NBA and his income dramatically declined.

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24 thoughts on “Murdered NBA Player’s Ex Spends Most of $1 Million Insurance in 10 Months

  1. msveenie,
    I agree. Not only will sistahs spend money but white women as well. Apparently, this baller always wanted a white woman, he just didn’t make enough money to afford her. Lets see how that turns out.

  2. This just goes to show you, this is someone who has never had anything!!!, what a shame. she should at least invested into her children’s education. and just lived modestly I mean are you serious. just never had nothing.

    • I agree she should have invested in her children’s education. No instead she goes out and buys cars, houses, etc. She only thought about herself what a shame and damn shame. And my condolences to their father, how could she have looked them in the face every day knowing you murdered their dad and someone son. It sounds like she hated this man so much she went to the extreme.

  3. I am from Memphis and I am so embarrassed to even see this on BAW and I feel for the kids and and I certainly feel for that mom. This is an unresolved murder investigation and I feel should have been collaborating with that mom and putting up reward money to help find her Husband/sons killer/ers. I really hate that she is not thinking and spending like crazy and showing she does not care at this point but what she is gaining. That is so pitiful.

  4. MissSweetT on said:

    As I heard it str8 up from one baller, this is just another example of why brothas don’t date or marry sistahs…too demanding, too materialistic and don’t give-a-damn about his children when the money he gives is strictly for them.

    Sad state of affairs in this world and the people who live in it.

    • msveenie on said:

      White women who are gold diggers will jack a man for everything he’s got too. Miss Sweet T, why do YOU believe the hype????????!!!!

  5. MissSweetT on said:

    That is clearly questionable spending considering there are children who would’ve been reaping the benefits of the funds. Obviously this woman is materialistic and as Kanye would say, I ain’t sayin’ she’s a gold digger…but one day she gone be broke-broke.

  6. This is really ridiculous for her to spend that kind of money in ten months. Of course she will be needing government assistance to care for those six kids and will not be able to get it because of the money she received and the possessions she purchased. The sad thing about all of this it is the poor innocent kids. First of all black folks (and others) need to quit having all these darn kids because they can’t afford them and I’m darn sick and tired of taking care of them! The kids end up suffering in the long run!

    • We must continue to have the kids because that’s the way we will become the majority. It’s been God’s plan from the beginning. The first will be the last. Blacks will ultimately destroy the earth, because the uneducated will overrun the educated blacks in the end, and will destroy the human race. I have seen the end. One example, look at any city where blacks live.

  7. There is no way no how anyone can say this kind of spending makes sense. 1 ML is not a whole lot of money over a lifetime. But for someone who does not earn that kind of money regularly (assuming), if wisely invested, it could make her life and her children’s life comfortable. I would love to know what her current line of business is that will allow her to sustain the spending she just blew through in 10 months.

  8. Chauncey on said:

    These are things that people who dont have a million dollars buy to care for their children so why is everyone being so hard on her??? A roof, transportation, im sure the kids wanted a pool…think about the life they were living before he died. We dont know the whole story, period!

  9. Bighurtification on said:

    Its so sad when I see and hear about things like this. Then you get the woman comentors that root for these woman saying things like “its her money she can spend it anyway she wants”. When in reality they are the same. In being the same I mean uneducated nor career minded individuals that only mission in life is to have the biggest house and the latest designer accessories there is. Of course she didn’t save the money for the childrens future why would she when the kids can get student loans to pay for their college tuition. Yes the kids will benefit from the things she bought for herself. Just like they could benefit from a little cesars $5 pizza joint that would have cost $400k and paid for its self in one year. But hey its her money right. That’s why our people don’t have shit now. Put a label on shit paper and we will buy it and think were rich. In then end all those material things get old. And with no career I’m pretty sure she her and the kids will become homeless in due time. I’m pretty sure those property taxes are not cheap. And I’m certain she doesn’t have a substantial amount of residual income. If she did the article would have said so.

  10. We always want to think the worse about one another, that’s black peoples problem. Well the way I see it it is her money so she can spend it how she damn well pleases. How would you all like it if your business was splattered publically? I’m sure their will be a bunch of people like the posters here telling you how YOU can better spend YOUR money. Those kids will benefit from the vehicles, the house, the furniture and even the pool. I here a lot of posters talking about the kids college education. Not everyone is built for college and these days the ONLY thing college will gurantee you is debt when you finish. People you only have one life and no test run so I suggest you spend less time judging others and more time living.

  11. You all have valid points, but the underlying issue is that this woman has spent almost a million dollars in no time and has really nothing to show for it. You know, sometimes, monetary wealth can become a curse to individuals who have no basic understanding of what this type of wealth can bring, so in other words, that money was burning a hole in her pockets. Also, do you think she even considered graciously blessing the house of God with a love offering or tithing, you think?

  12. Jess2248 on said:

    All that excess spending is ridiculous. 6 kids, you need a Lexus and an Escalade? What about the kids college education, something set aside for emergencies. I mean really! And there is no way i would have spent that much on furniture…can you say Ashley Furniture, lol? And I hope she has a good job. What about the monthly bills and upkeep of that pool and those cars? Live modestly, and you won’t die broke.

  13. She was his ex-wife and if he did not make provisions for the financial security of his children while he was living then what ever she does with the money should be her business! UNLESS the children are not being cared for —-which I am sure they are benefiting from the money …it is so sad that men with money take on the sole responsibility on their shoulders to take care of such women and they not take the initiative to LEARN how to protect themselves and their children so that they would be financially sound for life! and usually it end up EASY come EASY go……and the children are the ones that suffer the most in the end…….

  14. hoodtechie on said:

    This is why as black people we will always be beholden to the white man (i.e. government) for survival. $60,000 in automobiles which will depreciate as soon as they are driven off the lot. $70,000 in furniture that she will grow tired of and will want to replace if she can afford to replace. $12,000 trip to New York and you know she had her crew with her and spent lavishly on b.s.and then $7,000 on a deposit for a pool in which she really doesn’t need. Average in ground pool runs about $36,000.all of this money given right back to the white man. Nothing spent on college funds for the kids, ira’s, money market funds, not even a will and trust for the kids if something happens to her. It should be a requirement to graduate from high school that our kids take at least a 6 month course in money management and economics. As the old saying goes a fool and their money will soon part and this is a classic example. If only she understood the effect of compound interest, especially with $1 million dollars.

    • Don’t throw all black people under the bus. I do quite fine with my many contracts from the “i.e. government”. My 22 employees would agree.

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