A 28-year-old teacher out of New Jersey has been arrested for allegedly having sex with a 16-year-old student.

Jennalin Garcia-Calle is accused of having sex with the teenager during school hours starting back in December.

The relationship was discovered after the student told a family member about the relationship who then tipped off the police.

The New Jersey native was arrested in Florida at the Recovery Institute of South Florida after she fled New Jersey after learning her relationship had been revealed.

Garcia-Calle was charged with second-degree sexual assault and fourth-degree child abuse. She is being held on $200,000 bail.

She has also been placed on administrative suspension from the high school.

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One thought on “NJ Teacher Arrested for Having Sex with Student

  1. Now here is another teacher, having sex with another student, but she get put on administrative leave, but the teacher who just had sex with 20 students, he gets to keep his pension, what kind of world are we leaving, in, I feel like the aliens have been drop-off, and they are attacking us, through our children, BOY satan, is really busy,he is really having a field day with our children, there not even
    safe in school, well with all the sexually deviant things going on in our press and television, looking at lady gaga, kim K, and then NIcki Manaj, and the fighting going on, on national television, Love and hip hop atlanta ,, I mean seriously, that is the most ignorant show in the world, and our young children and young adults THEY LOVE it,, and they watch to much of it,, and then they wonder why
    are teachers are having sex with different students, and talking about its a relationship, please give me a break,,,

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